• wino and conny ochs Labour of Love (hand numbered CD, £9.95)

    label: Latitudes

    "What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies." - Aristotle The Legacy of Scott 'Wino' Weinrich in the world of heavy music is indisputable. It's not only his musical craftmanship that makes the man the underground hero he is: His connection to fans, his dedication and love for what he's doing and how he treats people around him makes him the exceptional artist he is. For me it's always been a pleasure to work with him and I consider it a fortune to have a small part in what he does. Back in 2010, during a very tumultuous time, he turned to his acoustic guitar as a medium to let out some personal demons, creating the "Adrift" album and a tour was booked to support it. As usual, it fell to me to book the tour, finding a possible support act and a driver in the process. Unlike usual, this would just be Wino, an acoustic guitar and a driver in a small passenger car, so finding someone suitably laid back and able to cohabit in such cramped conditions for six weeks was paramount. I'd known Conny Ochs for some time. He'd shown up at the beach parties/jam sessions I'd booked on the Baltic Coast, guitar in hand and spontaneously entertained us all with his off the cuff songs, reminding me instantly of how much I'd fallen in love with Bruce Springsteen and Townes Van Zandt all those years before. We stayed in touch and he became a regular at the shows I booked, eventually driving other bands on my roster. It seemed a natural choice to pair him up with Wino, but no one expected it to click quite as well as it did. From the beginning there seemed to be an extraordinary vibe between the two of them. Through music they discovered they shared a very similar approach to life and art. By the end of the tour' Wino would play with Conny on his songs and Conny would be onstage with Wino. Since the recording of a Latitudes session had already been booked for Wino, it seemed just natural that Conny would join in and here's the result of two men who found each other by sharing the same vision and the same labour of love. This session is just the beginning. - Andreas Kohl, Exile On Mainstream/Southern Germany "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the true source of art and friendship." - Albert Einstein.

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