• london Reboot (CD, £9.50)

    label: bin liner

    While some bands have been known to take a while before releasing their second album, London have taken a staggering 34 years! ‘Reboot’ their new album follows the release of ‘Animal Games’ recorded in 1977. But the power is still there coupled with their trademark hooks and adrenalin-filled tight playing. Often wrongly sited as a band that latched on to the ‘Punk’ scene because punk was cool, London were in truth early exponents playing pivotal London clubs like the Roxy, the Hope ‘n’ Anchor, Dingwalls and the Nashville. They originally formed in 1976 and released just 2 singles, an EP and an album before splitting in late 1977. Since then they have achieved a cult status (their old records constantly fetching high prices), but still they rarely get mentioned in books chronicling the period. And you won’t find their songs on any punk compilation albums either as they are consistently ignored by the compilers. Now ‘Reboot’ sets out to show exactly what the band are capable of. This long awaited second album shows that London still retain their early punk edge but this time there’s a nod towards The Move, The Who and the 66/67 freakbeat and psych bands such as the Pink Floyd (Syd Barrett era), The Creation, Fire, The Smoke and their mighty U.S. contemporaries The Electric Prunes. Many of these acts influenced London (as well as other early punk bands) but their sound is very much their own, exciting and powerful. Ten brand new tracks including a stunning version of The Eyes’ classic ‘When The Night Falls’ are featured on ‘Reboot’. Many of the new songs are already finding their way into their live set. The band has been regularly gigging across the UK and Europe since 2008 and has built up a loyal following. During the recording of ‘Reboot’ at DGM Soundworld, one interesting thing happened; the band discovered the old Mellotron (serial number 113) that The Beatles had used on The Magical Mystery Tour sessions. It was dusted off and put to good use on the song ‘Standing Alone’. So has ‘Reboot’ been worth the long wait? Crank it up enough to annoy the neighbours and judge for yourself. London are back! Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another 34 years for the third album…

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