• vaporous light Vaporous Light (digipak CD, £7.95)

    label: akoustik anarkhy

    Vaporous Light are a Manchester-based trinity of musicians who came together during autumn 2010 due to a mutual love of cinematic soundscapes and obscure soundtracks. With a handful of musical sketches to work with, the band approached local producer Raymond Ray with the initial intention of recording a couple of demos at Ray's home studio in Withington in the south of the city. The sessions were so productive that 10 tracks were completed by early 2011. The band's beguilingly understated debut single, The Eyes Of A Fool, has been doing the rounds recently receiving 6Music and Xfm plays. A finger picking instrumental single with driven bass and jazzy drums, spooky vocal snippets and a wailing melodica bring it to a haunting finale recalling twisted 70s horror. With magic in the melodies, the eponymous debut album is full of picked steel strings teamed with a lovely palette of synths and percussion offering the listener a rich selection of songs, sounds and textures to soundtrack autumn days and winter nights. Inspiration during the recording sessions came from the band playing classic and obscure films on a loop on a large TV screen with the sound muted. They would often create musical moods in time to the images on the screen from which songs would unfold.

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