• conflict It's Time to See Who's Who (21-track CD, £9.75)

    label: mortarhate

    The first in a series of re-issues from London's legendary Mortarhate Records.  “It's Time to See Who's Who” - Conflict's debut album released in the 1980's, broke 'all' the rules, setting new standards and stormed the independent charts reaching and retaining position number 1.  The original recording made at Southern Studios, Engineered by John Loder and produced by Pete Wright of Crass, has now been re-mastered (properly) and repackaged in a gorgeous deluxe digipack.  This 'new' release also contains another seven original Conflict recordings made at Southern during thesame period that were released on Crass Records as EP's. 'The House That Man Built' and 'To A Nation of Animal Lovers', also dominated the sales charts.  This product contains a booklet containing full lyrics, information and all original artwork and poster covers. 1. YOUNG PARASITES 2. KINGS AND PUNKS 3. MEAT MEANS MURDER 4. NO ISLAND OF DREAMS 5. GREAT WHAT? 6. THE GUILT AND THE GLORY 7. BLIND ATTACK '2' 8. BULLSHIT BROADCAST 9. 1824 OVERTURE 10. ONE NATION UNDER THE BOMB 11. VIETNAM SERENADE 12. BLOOD MORONS 13. EXPLOITATION 14. CRAZY GOVERNMENTS BONUS TRACKS FROM THE HOUSE THAT MAN BUILT EP 15. CONFLICT 16. BLIND ATTACK 17. I'VE HAD ENOUGH 18. WARGAMES TO A NATION OF ANIMAL LOVERS 19. BERKSHIRE CUNT 20. MEAT MEANS MURDER 21. WHICHEVER WAY YOU WANT IT

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