• anla courtis The Torrid (CD, £10.75)

    label: Porter Records

    On ‘The Torrid’, Argentinean Anla Courtis (best known for his work in the experimental group Reynols), collaborates with some of the most notable experimental musicians from around the world. From track to track the music ebbs and flows between the surreal and sinister soundscapes of a cult-like movie to the frantic intensity of wayward electronics. There is a real sense of musicianship within these songs, they have a gradual and meaningful progression and unlike some experimental musicians, these are not just a bunch of random sounds or noises. The full line up of collaborators is Rick Potts & Joseph Hammer, RLW, Bill Horist, MSBR & KK Null, V/VM, Armpit, Daniel Menche, and Campbell Kneale. 8 tracks.

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