• disco zombies Drums Over London (LP, £14.75)

    label: Acute

    The Disco Zombies should rank high in the pantheon of legendary English DIY punk bands, but a frustrating career of bad timing, record label mismanagement and three terrific singles slipping through the cracks have kept them in the shadows. Formed in 1977, the Disco Zombies were Leicester’s greatest punk band, but the single that might have shot them to the top of the pops was scrapped—through no fault of their own—at the last possible minute. Still hopeful, they moved to London and prepared for stardom. They recorded and released the John Peel favorite “Drums Over London” themselves, a song whose satire may have been too subtle for the masses. One more single—an artier affair with a drum machine and DIY atmosphere—was released. Three more aborted records followed and more songs, only ever played live, were heard by increasingly fewer people as the punk dream gave way. But now, at long last, The Disco Zombies—a great pop band with catchy hooks, witty lyrics and infectious energy—can be appreciated by the rest of us. Available for the first time since their release, The Disco Zombies’ three classic, collectible singles, coupled with seven bonus unreleased tracks, are featured on the new Acute Records compilation Drums Over London. In addition, the digital download contains a complete live set including five more songs not recorded or heard anywhere else, as well as some choice covers that will prove the Disco Zombies are more than another forgotten punk rock hard-luck story. • LP includes a free download card including the album plus a bonus 7 track live set recorded at the Music Machine, October 1980 Here Come the Buts single listed as “favourite of their three spectacular singles” by Johan Kugelberg on his canon-defining Top 100 DIY Records for Ugly Things magazine. • Includes 12 page booklet with liner notes from Disco Zombies singer/ influential journalist Dave Henderson (Sounds/Mojo). • Guitarist/songwriter Andy Ross discovered Blur. Tracklist: Side A 1. Top of the Pops 2. Time Will Tell 3. Punk A Go Go 4. Disco Zombies 5. TV Screen Existence 6. Drums Over London 7. Heartbeats Love 8. Here Come the Buts Side B 1. Mary Millington 2. The Year of the Sex Olympics 3. Target Practice 4. New Scars 5. Paint It Red 6. Greenland 7. Where Have You Been Lately Tony Hateley

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