• a to austr Musics from Holyground (LP, £17.50)

    label: Anazitisi Records

    With an original issue of only 99 copies, this is one of the rarest records to emerge from the UK that contains some interesting music, too. The music is strongly eclectic, with more influences than can be listed. In general the music is gentle and even folky, without drawing upon traditional material. At its best it's nothing less than brilliant, though in an unobtrusive sort of way. Tracks: Bird / Judy / Mini / Prelude To Change For Arthur / Thumbquake & Earthscrew / Change For Arthur / Between The Road / Hawaiian War Chant / It's Alright / Continuum / Essex Queen (She Dances) / D Minor Minuet / A Curse On You / What Did You Go? / Grail Search

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