• echran In Offret (CD, £1.50)

    label: A Silent Place

    New album by ECHRAN. "Echran is the project of Davide Del Col, once a time "Ornament" (at Korg synth) teaming up with Fabio Volpi (laptop and voice) who has worked over the last few years with the Milanese audio/video collective Otolab. Starting in 2003, the project join two different kinds of experiences: one is gloomy ambient oriented, the other is more noise-based with a psychedelic attitude. Echran's dark electronic soundscapes are not that easy to pigeonhole: there's a constant metronome-like pulse which could be compared to Pan Sonic or some Basic Channel-inspired minimal techno, but could not venture to define this "rhythmic electronica"; at the same time, though, it's not really ambient or droning.

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