• sindelfingen Odgipig (180g vinyl LP, £17.50)

    label: Anazitisi Records

    Sindelfingen's "Odgipig" is a fine example of highest quality, British progressive rock. With a slight folk influence and an artistic approach of symphonic rock and classic music, "Odgipig" has 3 long & complex tracks as well as 3 shorter ones, all characterized by multi-time signatures and rhythm changes. The "classic" line-up of guitar-bass-drums is augmented by a fourth member who handles the glockenspiel and the oscillators (you will not find mellotrons or keyboards here). The album was recorded at Medway Organs Studio and pressed at the legendary Deroy. Sindelfingen the band (Richard Manktelow: vocals, guitars - Mark Letley: vocals, bass, guitars, recorders - Roger Woods: glockenspiel, oscillators - Roger Thorn: drums) collectively produced the album in 1973. This reissue will be strictly limited to 400 black copies. It will share the original cover and labels artwork and original lyric inserts. Extra insert with band bio. Fully authorized and licenced. With the, much appreciated, help of founding member Richard Manktelow. PVC protective outersleeve.

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