• eero koivistoinen X-Ray (CD, £11.50)

    label: silence

    Eero Koivistoinen has returned again to his funk/jazz roots with his new album X-Ray. The 1973 album WAHOO! by Eero Koivistoinen Music Society was rereleased in 2000 and it attained notable success with its UK distributor Whatmusic. With X-Ray, Eero Koivistoinen introduces Music Society updated to 2006. X-Ray gets its inspiration from the sources of funk and jazz with strong connections to the modern day. Most compositions are new, but a couple of older tunes are also incorporated with new arrangements. Some songs on X-Ray have been moulded from samples of Eeros older albums. The new Music Society includes also vocals and rap, performed by Bina Nkwazi, Charles Salter, Hannu Leidn and Redrama. Jim Pembroke makes a contribution with his lyrics. The recordings started with a six-man core group, but on the final product there are twelve musicians, four singers and a rap artist. X-Ray shows the skills of Koivistoinen as a musician, composer and arranger. The recordings were completed at Seawolf Studios with all the newest technology at hand.

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