• f in math Couch EP (mini-CD, £6.75)

    label: flying nun

    Girl computer + Boy vocoder + human bass and robot drums = F IN MATH. The solo project of Michael Logie, former Mint Chicks bassist, F IN MATH was born out the realisation that one can play electronic music live without ditching your beloved bass or pretending to twiddle knobs. Making music on computers since 1998, F IN MATH has thrilled and confused audiences throughout New Zealand over the last few years. His full range freak outs and nail curling versions of 'Benny and the Jets' and 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds' have been Camp A Low Hum highlights, and seen him support the likes of Ratatat, Deerhoof, Disasterradio and The Show is a Rainbow. Mixed and mastered by Nick Roughan from The Skeptics, the Couch EP is F In MATH's first recorded release. It rumbles and squelches right across the electro bass spectrum like you have never heard before, and features fellow Mint Chick, Kody Nielson, on drums in 'Don't Look Down', along with cover art by illustrator Tane Williams. All up it is an equation that amounts to an electronic wonder drug, a high energy genre melter that will make your face dance and your feet hum.

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