• paperhead Focus In On the Looking Glass (LP, £14.25)

    label: Ample Play

    The Paperhead release their debut release in the UK, ‘Focus In On The Looking Glass’ on Ample Play Records on vinyl format only. It was originally released last year by Infinity Cat Records of Nashville and quickly became the fastest selling cassette in recent decades at local record store ‘Grimey’s’, all 100 copies sold out almost immediately. On first listen, you may think that you’ve stumbled across some long lost nugget from 1968. Indeed, The Paperhead take their name from a lyric in a song by golden-age psychedelic age group July and they deal chiefly in lysergic haziness, with a colourfully confusing filter. Yet while the record may have a fairly vintage sound, it was written and recorded in the summer of 2010 by three 18 year old kids from Nashville, Tennessee. Neo-psych fans may hear a more ambitious White Fence or a poppier Spacemen 3, while for more classic minded listeners it may recall The Pretty Things, their namesake July, Kaleidoscope or even Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. Either way, before they all recently went their separate ways for a time, in order to start college, Ryan Jennings and his closest childhood friends Walker Mimms and Peter Stringer-Hye holed up to record this album that combines all the pop layers, eastern influence and groovy instrumentals of a classic British Psych record. Their technical and songwriting abilities far outreach their young age, while still maintaining a sense of wonder about the world and a dash of charming naivete. Each song swirls and pulsates like a psychedelic light show, featuring sound effects, backward tape loops, textured pop layers, Eastern influences and eerie, unearthly vocals.This is a sonic daydream that is as much a part of the present as it is of the past. The trappings may be vintage, but the freshness of the delivery is definitely present day.
 Born in the 1990s, yet looking and sounding as if they emerged from a suburban garage during the Summer Of Love, The Paperhead play songs that are at turns hypnotic, hallucinogenic, and decidedly of another time. The Paperhead are: Ryan Jennings - Guitar/Vocals Peter Stringer-Hye - Bass/Vocals Walker Mimms - Drums

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