• taylor ho bynum, joe morris & sara schoenbeck Next (CD, £10.25)

    label: Porter Records

    Taylor Ho Bynum, Joe Morris and Sara Schoenbeck are three musicians who are no strangers to the improv scene. Taylor Ho Bynum is a performer on cornet and various brass instruments, composer, bandleader, and “one of the most exciting figures in jazz’s new power generation” (Steve Dollar, Time Out Chicago). Joe Morris serpentines plucked and muted strums from his guitar with restrained intensity that brings a defining voice to the recording. Sara Schoenbeck approaches the bassoon in an unexpended manner by coaxing strange low tones and alien like vibrations from her instrument. There are times when it is very difficult to tell which instruments are making which sounds and that is the true joy of the recording that always has the listening wondering, what is next.

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