• liturgy Aesthethica (double LP, £16.50)

    label: thrill jockey

    ‘Aesthethica’ is the highly anticipated follow up to Liturgy’s acclaimed 2009 album ‘Renihilation’. Liturgy have created a unique sound, completely disregarding the boundaries of black metal, hardcore and experimental music. Deluxe 2LP version features gatefold sleeve, fully artworked inner sleeves, free download coupon, and PMS Gold printing. “Liturgy have taken black metal’s primal scream literally and applied it to an experimental framework. ‘High Gold’ is a furious, repetitious and dissonant salvo carved out of the same mindset that has carried fellow New Yorkers Krallice to acclaimed heights. Ultimately, Liturgy’s ‘High Gold’ rules” – Decibel; “Hypnotic, occasionally blissful black metal; even more bone-chilling in tight quarters” - Rolling Stone.

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