• times Pop Goes Art! (18-track CD, £8.75)

    label: Artpop!

    Perhaps the singularly most important album of that fledgling garage, power-pop-punk independent scene of 1982. Featuring Edward Ball and Daniel Treacy, and orginally issued on their own Whaam! Records, Pop Goes Art! is a landmark release - one of the vital seeds of the whole Creation / Whaam! / Living Room / Room At The Top revolution. Contains 20-page brochure: From True Pop Art to Real Psychedelia Pt. 1, including full production notes. Tracklist: 1. PICTURE GALLERY 2. BIFF BANG POW! 3. IT'S TIME! 4. IF NOW IS THE ANSWER 5. A NEW ARRANGEMENT 6. LOOKING AT THE WORLD THROUGH DARK SHADES 7. I HELPED PATRICK McGOOHAN ESCAPE 8. POP GOES ART! 9. MISS LONDON 10. THE SUN NEVER SETS 11. EASY AS PIE 12. THIS IS TOMORROW BONUS TRACKS 13. I HAVENT SEEN HIMIN ANYBODY ELSE SPEECH Edward Ball 14. HAVE YOU SEEN THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE? 15. PICTURE GALLERY (TFS McGhoohan Sessions) 16. THE SUN NEVER SETS (TFS McGhoohan Sessions) 17. EASY AS PIE (TFS McGhoohan Sessions) 18. THIS IS TOMORROW (Alternative Ending)

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