• 1900s Return of the Century (CD, £11.50)

    label: parasol

    The Chicago psych-pop troupe release their second full-length album for Parasol Records. Expect a bouquet of the prettiest pop songs this side of Belle & Sebastian and The New Pornographers, adorned with co-ed harmonies and nifty instrumentation. After parting ways with two founding members and shelving the Fleetwood Mac-esque romantic drama, The 1900s have spent the years since their 2007 debut, Cold & Kind, updating their lineup and trademark sound. Now a sleek 6-piece, singer/guitarist Edward Anderson, vocalist Caroline Donovan, singer Jeanine O'Toole, bassist Charlie Ransford and violinist Andra Kulans are all about the journey. The band's previous album was about the rapture, or more specifically those who were "left behind". Return of the Century tells the story of an underground world where people's minds are held in thrall in the name of spiritual advancement. For the recording of their second album, The 1900s step away from the grandiose orchestration and retro obsessions of their previous work and expand on the pop elements - vocal arrangements, catchy guitars, and bouncy rhythms - while blending artfully finessed home recordings with the pristine quality of high-end recording studios. Tracks : 1 Amulet 2 Lay a Ghost 3 Kidnap Runaway 4 Lions Fur 5 Tucson 6 Zerkalo 7 Bmore 8 Babies 9 Overreactin’ 10 Jean Demon 11 Sanzimat

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