• radio dept. Clinging to a Scheme (LP, £14.25)

    label: Labrador

    The long wait is finally over! The Radio Department’s ”Clinging to a scheme” is without doubt this year’s most eagerly anticipated Swedish indie pop album. It’s been four long years, but a simple press on Play and you’ll know it’s been worth every second. “Clinging to a scheme” combines the best components from their previous albums “Lesser matters” and “Pet grief” with soul guitars, P-funk, cut/paste-beats and 70’s futuristic orchestra. Breathtaking! The Radio Dept. arrived with their album “Lesser matters” in 2003 which is commonly referred to as the most important Swedish indie pop album of the 21st century. It was embraced by press and fans all over the world. They had no less than two “Single of the week” in the NME and it, not surprisingly, ended up Top10 on the NME’s “Album of the year”-list. In 2006 Sophia Coppola chose to feature three of their songs in the film Marie Antoinette that further helped them to achieve worldwide recognition and the same year the chart-topping and critically acclaimed album “Pet grief” was released. In the end of 2009 “Lesser matters” came to be one out two Swedish albums to appear on NMEs Greatest Albums of the Decade-list. PITCHFORK - As with their last two albums, Clinging to a Scheme stands to further expand the Radio Dept.'s cult // 8.0/10 POPMATTERS - This is a solid, feel-good winner of an album that applies enough variety to feature in a number of your day to day routines and make them that much more special by association // 4/5 ALLMUSIC - Further spins reveal the charms of the non-single tracks, and the whole thing ends up being one of the best examples of all the things that help make Swedish pop so magical // 8.0/10 NME - Whether by design or evolution, The Radio Dept's third album fits the grand scheme of all things voguish and hazy rather perfectly // Tracklist: 1. Domestic Scene 2. Heaven’s On Fire 3. This Time Around 4. Never Follow Suit 5. A Token Of Gratitude 6. The Video Dept. 7. Memory Loss 8. David 9. Four Months In The Shade 10. You Stopped Making Sense

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