• cryan' shames A Scratch In the Sky (CD, £6.75)

    label: Now Sounds

    The Cryan’ Shames’ second album, 1967's A Scratch In The Sky, is an unsung gem of that heady musical era. The set’s distinctive mix of youthful garage-rock energy, sophisticated psychedelic-pop songcraft and forward-thinking studio experimentation reflects the spirit of the times and captures the sound of an ambitious band of young perfectionists (already regional stars in their hometown of Chicago) making a quantum creative leap into exciting new territory. On A Scratch In The Sky, The Cryan’ Shames trade in the familiar rock ’n’ roll and soul covers that dominated their first album for a set of haunting, emotionally resonant, and experimental original compositions (plus a transcendent reading of the Carole King/Gerry Goffin-penned Drifters classic ‘Up on the Roof’) that are bolstered by adventurous soundscapes. In addition to the album — presented in its original MONO mix for the first time on CD — two non-LP singles and five single versions are included, and all are sourced from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES. The deluxe, full-colour booklet also includes rare photos and extensive liner notes by music historian Scott Schinder that feature the participation of original band members. Mastered by ALAN BROWNSTEIN from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES!

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