• twisted individual Let's Twist Again (CD, £1.65)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

    CD will also include voucher code to download the additional tracks featured as part of the digital bundle, which are; 14: Sick Bag - Serum remix 15: Deep Gash – G Dub remix 16: Hand Grenade - Clipz remix 17: Slam Dunk - Mutated Forms remix 18: Bollock Yoghurt - G Dub remix 19: Custard – Vital Elements remix 20: Hand Grenade - Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix 21: Cannibal Lunch - Surge remix 22: Out There - Amaning remix Over the past 10 years Twisted Individual has helped shaped the face of dancefloor drum and bass. Tracks like Bandwagon Blues, Rusty Sheriff’s Badge, The F-Word and Swan Cake have made him a firm favourite of all those who like their D&B on the dancefloor, and his extravagant character has seem him cause controversery and rock the boat time and time again! Twisted has now opened up the vaults of his back catalogue and let some of the most in demand producers of the past 10 years get their hands dirty bringing his classics bang up to date. The list of those involved reads like a who’s who of the dancefloor, with DJ Marky & S.P.Y, Original Sin, Serum, Mutated Forms, Zen, Crystal Clear and more all coming up with their own spin on a hand-picked Twisted classic. Plays in club land from DJ’s Hype, Marky, Andy C, Grooverider, Fabio and many more are sure signs they have delivered the goods! TRACKLIST: 1: Gimp Mask – DJ Marky & S.P.Y. Remix 2: Crap Rinse Out – Serum remix 3: Heavy Metal – Crystal Clear moshpit remix 4: Galloping Elephant – Mutated Forms remix 5: Acid Bath – Northern Lights remix 6: Nail Bomb – Taxman remix 7: Rusty Sheriff’s Badge – Original Sin remix 8: The F Word – Zen remix 9: Donkey Punch – Sub Zero remix 10: Flesh Wound – Vital Elements remix 11: Swan Cake – Jaydan remix 12: Wales – Northern Lights remix 13: Gusset Gravy – Heavy Hittaz rem ( - cd bonus tracks over vinyl versions)

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