• sun circle Lessness (double LP, £19.75)

    label: Arbor

    Following in the tradition of minimalist composers such as La Monte Young, Yoshi Wada and Charlemagne Palestine, Sun Circle exemplifies a contemporary focus on long form drone music. Members Greg Davis and Zach Wallace have shown their interest in the field with extended works on Kranky and Root Strata respectively; together on Lessness they show a deep-rooted interest in the power of simple forms. Building upon themes from their solo work (Davis subtly shifting tonal work with electronic oscillators and Wallace's acoustic drone work on the glass harmonica), Lessness is comprised of four side-long works each exhibiting a different acoustic instrument in isolation. Exploring drums, tambouras (both rhythmic and droning) and gongs with a meditative precision, Davis and Wallace's work seems at once both mechanical and human; the product of focus, revealing a vast beauty within the subtlety of the geometric potential of sound. In an edition of 400 copies with full colour matte jackets.

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