• cloaked light / pale blue sky Split (12", £11.50)

    label: Arbor

    Working together, but differently. Clear Of shows Cloaked Light in a new mode; an expanded temporal sensitivity through field recording and discrete static chords. Slow movement - revealing growth and decay at the subtlest thresholds; disappearing music with a heavy presence, a shifting sense of space, not in the room, but of the room. Pale Blue Sky's Someday, Sometime approaches a similar expansion of perception and unobscuring blur. Through tape manipulation, the inner workings of tonal relationships are placed under focus; extending time to reveal new moments; widening the view. Distorting to understand; a reorienting pause. Originally conceived to coincide with the bands' California tour with Pedestrian Deposit, Infinite Body, Earn and Mirror to Mirror in January 2010, the record is a testament to a common point and its different trajectories. Approaching the possibility. Mastered by Pete Swanson; cut at 45 rpm. In an edition of 400 copies with glossy jackets and inner sleeves.

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