• grip weeds Strange Change Machine (double CD, £12.75)

    label: rainbow quartz

    The Grip Weeds, a critically-acclaimed Psychedelic Rock/Power Pop quartet, craft “sparkling, insanely catchy psyche-pop” on vintage equipment. Strange Change Machine is an ambitious work drawing on a broad spectrum of influences – acoustic, electric and psychedelic – running the gamut from Clapton, Hendrix and even Yes, all brought into the 21st century. The vocals and guitar work are the best in the history of the band. In this double disc 24-song tour de force the band perfects their classic sound while diving into uncharted musical territory. Just when you thought guitar rock was dead, Kristin and Rick turn in career-defining performances, while drummer Kurt’s controlled chaos is the perfect foil for Michael’s aggressive yet melodic bass work. Whether they're belting out intergalactic rock (‘Speed of Life’), a lilting West Coast groove (‘Be Here Now’) or a folk ballad fusing Peter Green and Lindsey Buckingham eras of Fleetwood Mac (‘Mistress Forest’), they rock and harmonise among the best. They also reinvent the Todd Rundgren classic ‘Hello It’s Me’ with Nuggets-style grit.

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