• lockjaw records spring compilation 2010  (CD, £6.75)

    label: lockjaw

    The first Lockjaw compilation in years comes out swinging, combining some of the best hardcore, alternative and indie on the roster. The comp kicks off with Fights And Fires with two brand new songs recorded specially for this release. A much more polished and heavier Fights And Fires than the one seen on their debut EP. Next up first of the Lockjaw veterans on this release picks up Klay with one brand new track recorded in The Waiting Room studio in a session late in 2009 just before its closure and a track from the album Maps Of Rebellion. Nucular from Germany kick up the tempo with their crazy off-the-wall hardcore, from their album Stigmata Copyprocess. Slowing things down are Bull See Red with a brand new track and a re-imagining of Pig Head, originally an acoustic track from their debut album A Girl Called Murder. Finally the long-awaited return of thisfamiliarsmile, the Scottish alternative chaps presenting two new tracks after three years of waiting.

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