• pack of wolves A Nice Black Suit (CD, £9.95)

    label: lockjaw

    Formed in 2006 in Graz, Austriaís Pack Of Wolves comprises 4 guys hellbent on creating unusual off-kilter punk rock. Its first full-length consists of 11 tracks of joy. The bandís sound is terrific occupying unusual ground between indie and punk rock. The album is surprisingly upbeat and is very uplifting to listen to. Their sound is influenced by bands like Disco Ensemble and And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead as well as more punkier bands like Propagandhi, Refused and Beatsteaks. "Pack of Wolves delivers an onslaught of raw, bloody and biting emotion in every line of every song. The often abstract pain of grief, anger, disappointment and conflicted love all find palpable form and expression in the lyrics and vocal delivery. Instrumental pacing calls to mind early punk acts like The Sex Pistols and the original lineup of The Ramones." - Tastes Like Rock! Music Magazine, USA 2009

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