• jennifer gentle Concentric (CD, £7.50)

    label: A Silent Place

    Better known as purveyors of quirky, semi-sleazy avant pop gems on their Sub Pop albums, Jennifer Gentle and their leader Marco Fasolo have also issued through the years a series of weirder releases (mostly through Italian label A Silent Place) running the gamut from out-there psychedelic rock to “crunching and hefty slabs of tripped out musique concrète worthy of Joji Yuasa, Kunihara Akayima or one of their equivalent early ‘60s greats”, as Julian Cope eloquently put it reviewing JG’s Sacramento Session/5 of 3 LP. Concentric is their bleakest, most uncompromising and probably best “experimental” album to date. This time Fasolo took his live band to his own Ectoplasmic Studio, recorded them and then spent hours painstakingly editing the material, adding here and there the odd effect and generally directing what sounds like a nightmarish surrealist movie perversely shot in lush Cinemascope - or a hellish version of Lumpy Gravy as played by a freaked-out jazz combo.

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