• you and yourn It Would Make Things Worse (LP, £12.50)

    label: parasol

    Since 2001, Heather and Nic Dillon have recorded together and toured throughout the United States and Canada, performing with the band Winter In Alaska and under their former name, Casados. You & Yourn’s self-engineered and -recorded project is a culmination of a sonic evolution that has brought them out of the pedestrian indie-folk-singer-songwriter genre and into their current lyrically-driven, atmospheric chamber-folk. Here you will find a gentler, more deliberate dynamic that alludes not only to the more gleeful aspects of life and love, but also the darker. Magnet Magazine: "Nic Dillon's world-weary ruminations abandon the bitter diatribes that litter the everyday songwriter's debut, but it's better-half Heather's serene, earthy harmonies that separate this Champaign, IL duo from the Iron & W(h)ine set." Tracks : Commercial Paper, 2. Double Knots, 3. It Would Make Things Worse, 4. Great Lakes, 5. Blackwater, 6. New Years, 7. Guillotine, 8. Soul & Body, 9. Sensible Conclusions 10. I Can Wait This Out

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