• soft hearted scientists Scarecrow Smile - Home Demos Volume 1 (CD, £10.75)

    label: My Kung Fu

    Soft Hearted Scientists make psych pop with a wealth of fantastic noises, plus off-hand lyrical references to the Welsh countryside, reality TV and primitive dentistry. They’re not ones to shout out loud, and over the course of two full albums they’ve quietly caressed lovers of their music, creating a small cult following that grows gently with each week and each new release. This album collects together 16 tracks restored and remastered from original home recordings of the band. None of these tracks have previously been released nor will ever be re-recorded. Soft Hearted Scientists’ rarely play live, so to catch them is a thrill. They recently played Moseley Folk Festival and will play dates in Manchester, London and Cardiff before the end of 2009. TRACKLISTING 1. The Strangest Scene 2. Effervesce 3. The Visitor 3. Scarecrow Smile 4. Totem Pole Blue 5. Man Overboard! 6. The Midnight Dance Of The Mexican Vampire 7. Out Of The Strong Came Forth Sweetness 8. Twilight Eyes 9. Garden Song 10. The Impossible 11. Return Of The Black Dahlia 12. Humingbirds 13. Evil Eye 14. The Hairdresser’s Ghost 15. Manta Ray On Main Street

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