• 60 watt kid We Come from the Bright Side (LP, £12.95)

    label: Absolutely Kosher

    60 Watt Kid have crossed a few dimensions since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2006 and you can hear those travels on this album. Co-songwriters Derek Thomas and Kevin Litrow moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles following the passing of lead singer Litrow's mother, leaving their original drummer behind. They found a new drummer in young Dylan Wood and a renewed sense of purpose. They also found a local scene which took them in with open arms. 60 Watt Kid's incredible live shows have been heralded by the L.A. Record (SoCal's premiere source of underground inspiration) and the L.A. Weekly following a month-long residency at Sean Carnage's Tweakfest. The warm reception has done them right for the album. You can hear a tremendous focus in the band's layered tapestries of psychedelia. Gone are the Elvis-on-meth rockabilly romps that peppered their first record. The songs are shorter and even more palatable as well as more emotional and you can hear the band achieve a new peak with Take the Pain Out of Your Chest. The word "looping" comes to mind in spite of the trio's 100% analogue lineup/composition. It's rare to find a band who so effectively simultaneously hugs the experimental as much as they hug the hooks. Cover art for the album was done by painter Chris Friend.

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