• dove yellow swans Live During War Crimes Vol. 3 (CD, £12.95)

    label: Release the Bats

    One of the last releases ever from Yellow Swans, this is also the last part in the trilogy, which started in 2005 and was followed by the second volume in 2006, and consists of four unedited tracks from the last few years in the band's existence mostly recorded using room mics. Tracks are taken from the PDX Pop Now set (July 2007), a live soundtrack to a film by Avalon Kalin (from February 2008), a set from the Picador, Iowa City (October 2007) and the final US show in Chicago (June 2008). Big sounding stuff, very loud and very dense, with the melodic guitar work being more prominent just as on the last couple of releases. Epic, sky-shredding beauty in close to 80 minutes. Limited to 500 copies in a Dual Plover gatefold sleeve.

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