• burt bacharach Rare Bacharach (the Early Years 1958-1965) (CD, £10.75)

    This is a collection of Burt's non-hit compositions. One can hear his "archetypal sound" emerging throughout, and the album definitely shows the composer's evolution from fairly standard pop fare to his unique signature style. One can't forget, of course, that he still had hits in the '50s and '60s before Dionne Warwick made him a household name, for example: Marty Robbins' excellent "The Story of My Life" and Perry Como's "Magic Moments". The songs included here are the sides that didn't make it, but many deserve to be heard. It is an album of diverse and shining highlights: Jamie Marden's fine reading of "This Empty Place"; Tina Robin's "Sinner's Devotion", in which you can hear the Bacharach sound coming into its own (it is one of those demos that could have been a fine record in its current form, although it went unreleased); the beautiful and obscure "For All Time" by The Russells, sounding amazingly like The Chordettes with a clear bell-like soprano offering a beautiful obligato over some interesting chord changes. In fact, the liner notes (excellently compiled by Ash Wells, Robbie Indart and Spectropop's own Mike Edwards) suggest that the soprano may well be Dionne Warwick, although they are inconclusive. Nonetheless, the song is a gem, and worth finding here or on the no-doubt-ultra-rare 45 on ABC Paramount from 1962. Many other artists you know (as varied as Jane Morgan, Jimmy Breedlove, Steve Alaimo, The Wanderers and even Paul Anka and Merv Griffin) sang Bacharach compositions you probably don't know. But if you're a Bacharach fan, you'll enjoy this excursion as you follow Burt's evolution from mild '50s pop to the exciting compositions and arrangements for which he became famous. Tracklisting: 1.CONNIE STEVENS – And This Is Mine, 2. RICHARD ANTHONY – Too Late To Worry, 3. JOEY POWERS – Don’t Envy Me, 4. JACK JONES – Dreamin’ All The Time, 5. THE RUSSELLS – Wastin' Away For You, 6. THE EXOTICS – Manpower, 7. JANE MORGAN – Forever My Love, 8. THE ELIGIBLES – Faker, Faker, 9. EVERIT HERTER – Boys Were Made For Girls, 10. LONNIE SATTIN – The Hurtin’ Kind, 11. TINA ROBIN – Sinner’s Devotion, 12. ERNIE FELICE – Hot Spell, 13. SAM FLETCHER – The Answer To Everything, 14. THE RUSSELLS – For All Time, 15. JANE MORGAN – Waitin’ For Charlie To Come Home, 16. GEORGE HAMILTON – Errand Of Mercy, 17. JIMMY BREEDLOVE – You’re Following Me, 18. THE WANDERERS – Somebody Else’s Sweetheart, 19. BABS TINO – Call Off The Wedding, 20. STEVE ALAIMO – Lifetime of Loneliness, 21. ART SMALLEY – Living Without Love, 22. THE RANGOONS – Moon Guitar, 23. THE SHEPHERD SISTERS – Deeply, 24. THE WANDERERS – I Could Make You Mine, 25. THE FREEMEN – The Timeless Tide, 26. MERV GRIFFIN – Along Came Joe, 27. PHIL COLBERT – Who’s Got The Action, 28. PAUL ANKA – To Wait For Love, 29. JANIE MARDEN – This Empty Place, 30. VIC DANA – The Story Behind My Tears, 31. BUDDY CLINTON – Joanie’s Forever, 32. STEVE ROSSI – Come Completely To Me

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