• gyratory system Sea Containers House (7", £3.65)

    label: angular recording corporation

    b/w The Hardest Science to Forget. With fractured brass and cascading flutes scattered over psychedelic carnival rhythms, Gyratory System are a Kraut marching band picking up a rhythm section at Lagos en route to a rave in Dusseldorf. ‘Sea Containers House’ is the first single to be taken from their debut album ‘The Sound-Board Breathes’. Gyratory System create instrumental tracks using what they call ‘The Process’ – a mixture of a fixed backing track married with woodwind improvisation which is then chopped up and processed in unusual ways. Yet out of this mysterious birth come tracks that are as suited to a dance floor as they are the world of the contemporary avant-garde. Their motorik brass and woodwind counterblast to indifference has got the tongues of the blog world wagging. “We pace in confinement with a dippy feelings grin in our lips, this is the off one’s feed of shit that keeps us going” – 20jazzfunkgreats. “Infinite aural comfort. Four-to-the-floor but oddly unhinged. The light-year become bored with relics of a general area marching band” – RCRD LBL. “Liquid ecstasy” – Vice. “Lurchy, lovely thing” – NME.

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