• james ferraro Citrac (double LP, £23.75)

    label: Arbor

    The CITRAC collection presents one of James Ferraro's most cinematic visions, showing his mode of soundworld creation in top form. By shying away from pure musical creation and heading towards the organic birth of sonic universes James finds a new way to tell a story. Evoking vastly imaginative imagery, this 80+ minute suite spanning two LPs contains the previously released Postremo Techno Mundus Symposium, excerpts and alternative edits from Liquid Metal's Alternative Soundtrack to Digital Overdrive and the all new Digital Tribe. Presenting deep-nightmarish atmospheres of surveillance and captivity on through the rush of the open road, the hypnotic, lo-fi result is one that could only come from Ferraro's alien mind, eternally stuck in a 1980s vision of an impossibly archaic future. In an edition of 400 with full colour printed inner-sleeves in pro-printed black and white cardboard sleeves and printed labels by James.

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