• cohesion Lovely Hate (7-track CD, £4.95)

    label: Engineer Records

    Bursting onto the scene with an energy and intensity that should refresh the parts most bands can't reach! That the best way to describe COHESION. The frenetic style of hardcore this band peddle has seen them likened to Bane, Snapcase, Inside Out and Stretch Armstrong and it's easy to see how they deserve a place amongst such luminaries. This four piece are as tight as a Scotsman in the pub and even more likely to stop on a dime. There are awesome guitar riffs, great breakdowns, heavy-ass drumming and a few sing-along choruses that you'll be really looking forward to each time you put this on and hurtle through the traffic jams. From the sudden opener 'From butterfly to a chrysalis', smashing their way through 'The authentic art of feeling awkward' and right to the closing 'Losing someone you won't regret' the desperation and anger is channelled into tight musical mayhem.

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