• freeze puppy Animation (CD, £11.50)

    label: pickled egg

    Three years in the making and clocking in at a more-ishly bite-sized 23 minutes, the title of ‘Animation’ fits in more ways than one. Early impressions suggest an almost cartoon energy to Freeze Puppy’s world and the hyperreal, often poignantly flawed characters who inhabit it through Tom’s smart and concise wordplay (guest narrators include lovelorn drink drivers, imaginary friends, abject loners and serial gamblers amongst other skewed societal misshapes.). Yet listen on, and it goes further: as songwriter, producer and lyricist, Wilson works like the consummate stop-frame animator - hunched over his songs like they were tiny audio figurines, chiselling out their strange, fleeting little lifetimes over a series of acutely poised movements, drawing breath from them through colours, textures and melodies that, given half a chance, will pitch camp in your subconscious for what may prove to be decades. At once audaciously complex and eminently digestible, ‘Animation’ is pop created within limits, existing in joyous disregard of them. The very best kind. "Jaw-dropping inventiveness... sounded like the core humanity that might be inside anyone if they could only shake off all the caked on crap. That is, this is one of the best acts, from every angle, that I have seen in a long time." [Jenny Darwin, Decode Magazine]

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