• c. spencer yeh / sick llama Split (7", £5.95)

    label: Arbor

    The malformed compositions of C. Spencer Yeh and Sick Llama come from opposing spectrums of noise music, though their similarities are undeniable. Whether it be Yeh’s solo piece for violin or Sick Llama’s gunked tape work, the spirit of improvisation shines through. On Yeh’s track, the churning sounds of metal scrapes and light tinges, like crossed electric static and growing, buzzing drones are the result of one violin. His unique approach to the instrument marks him as one of the most exciting improvisers today whether it be with his solo work or through his work in Burning Star Core. Sick Llama’s untitled piece is one of his most concise and interesting tracks; crushing and dirty with the hiss of tape static. Coming from the stoned mind of Heath Moreland of Fag Tapes, the expected tape aesthetic is transferred to vinyl with a compilation of cut up compositions, evoking a series of mystery sound sources. In an edition of 400 7”s in pro-printed fold over sleeves with art by Maya Miller of Heavy Tapes/Religious Knives.

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