• twisted individual Bandwagon Blues / Heavy Metal (12", £5.35)

    label: Grid Recordings U.K.

    Continuing the build up to the release of his Greatest Hits double CD, which will see a lot Twisteds catalogue on digital formats for the very first time, the next two classics to find their way back onto vinyl are huge indeed. Bandwagon Blues, originally release in 2003 can be sited as the track which has will secure Twisted IndividualĂ–s name inthe history books of Drum and Bass. Released around a storm of controversy, rumours and accusations it was all just a PR stunt, this track exploded on to the scene and gained support from just about every DJ on the circuit. Unavailable on vinyl for the past few years and still doing damage to this day, this is essential for any DnB vinyl collector out there! Heavy Metal followed Twisted Individuals highly acclaimed debut album Tooled Up, and showcased a very different side to his psyche. Getting fully into head-banging mode with a serious guitar riff, screaming vocals and tight snappy drums this track again saw Twisted rewrite the rule book and come with unique style for others to follow.

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