• stilletoes A.D.H. Dreams (CD, £10.95)

    label: ankst

    Debut album from teenagers THE STILLETOES was recorded live at Bryn Derwen Studios, Bethesda, North Wales by ex-Gorky's guitarist John Lawrence & features fourteen super sharp pop-punk tunes with a unique onslaught of attitude and sheer 'balls out' punk rock energy. Ridiculously young, talented and outspoken, the band led by charismatic motor mouth Efa, with her fourteen year old brother Iago on drums and friend James on bass, more than deliver on the promise shown by their Welsh language debut 7" Sownd/Y Gwir and their contribution to the compilation album RADIO CRYMI PLAYLIST (the anthemic 'One Last Dream' - "You and me got nothing to lose, we're last in line no matter what they do"), both released in 2008.

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