• g club presents banda sonora / soulsearcher Guitarra G / Can't Get Enough (8-track CD, £4.45)

    label: defected

    Guitarra G was 2001's anthem - no doubt about it. The record that summer. Smashed from San Antonio to Sao Paulo, to Sydney and still getting the spins to this day. A classic in every sense. Now back with a remix from Funkagenda, on the back of the huge 'Man With The Red Face'. Soulsearcher's Can't Get Enough was the label's very first release. A record that set the standard of what Defected would do from that point onwards. Released in February 1999 it's only fitting 10 years on that this track gets an anniversary rework. After the devastating remix of the Shapeshifters' 'Chime' in 2008, Henrik B turns in a remix that brings this firmly up to 2009 standards whilst maintaining a respectful acknowledgement to the original.

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