• sholi Sholi (CD, £8.50)

    label: Quarterstick

    The story of Sholi began when Payam Bavafa and Jonathon Bafus started playing and writing music while attending UC Davis. Bavafa relocated to San Francisco to work as an electrical engineer for an experimental neuroscience lab with a brilliant ‘mad’ scientist. He spent a year and a half processing brainwaves and analysing data from studies on sleep and memory. Over time, elements of his work trickled through to his songwriting. Theories of memory explored in the lab found their way thematically into early versions of songs such as ‘Spy In The House Of Memories’, ‘All That We Can See’ and ‘Out Of Orbit’. In 2006, the band sent self-recorded demos of the songs to Greg Saunier of Deerhoof to enlist his help in the creation of a proper album. He responded with great interest and, after countless recording sessions, passing of tapes and reworking of the songs, this self titled debut evolved. Concepts of memory permeate the record, both lyrically and musically, as songs grapple with perspective and perception, conscience and consequence, understanding and upheaval. Interconnected ideas appear; songs often become self-referential, folding in upon themselves. Yet underneath the elaborate musical layers and vivid lyrical imagery, there is something straightforwardly timeless in this debut.

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