• mi ami Watersports (LP, £11.25)

    label: Quarterstick

    The vinyl format comes with a code to download a digital copy of the album. Comprised of two key members of Dischord’s hyper-percussive Black Eyes (Daniel Martin- McCormick on vocals and guitar and Jacob Long on bass) as well as Damon Palermo on drums, Mi Ami from San Francisco have harnessed the energy of their previous work and focused it, laser-style, into a pure stream of heavy, concentrated playing. Pulling from 60s free jazz, dub, minimalism, disco and African music, the band manipulates rhythm, negative space and the physicality of song. ‘Watersports’ was recorded mostly live over 2˝ days in San Francisco. Thematically, it’s a study on fear and anxiety. The record’s closer, ‘Peace Talks/ Downer’, with its layered instrumentation and reverential tone, speaks of hope, bringing the ‘Watersports’ experience full circle: from anxiety comes hope; from fear, love.

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