• my cat is an alien / mats gustafsson Cosmic Debris Vol. IV (CD, £8.95)

    label: A Silent Place

    CD reissue of the fourth volume in the ongoing "Cosmic Debris" series of split ART-LP releases set up by the Opalio brothers, aka MY CAT IS AN ALIEN (MCIAA), on their own Opax Records. This time the space improv duo from Torino, Italy, shares one side of the vinyl with radical Swedish saxophonist MATS GUSTAFSSON, whose twenty-year career boasts collaborations that range widely over the contemporary improvised music world, from masters of free jazz such as Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey and Joe McPhee, to famous members of the noise scene such as Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke, Yoshimi & Yamataka Eye among others. In every personal message exchanged between MCIAA and Gustafsson, their own respective 'ALIEN FAITH!' & 'PEACE & FIRE!' mottos always occur, often combined by the artists themselves into new formulae & meanings: 'ALIEN FIRE!' / 'PEACE & FAITH!' / 'ALIEN PEACE!' / 'FAITH & FIRE!'. Needless to say, this is not a joke, yet each of these words' combinations assumes a deep rule in describing this new exciting adventure in the 'Cosmic Debris' saga. In fact, both artists' tracks represent an exemplary encounter between open-minded artists, resolute in creating something to go beyond limits and their own goals too, looking for something truly alive and free: 'Peace & Fire!' and 'Alien Faith!' indeed. In his track 'I Have Not Set Any Time Limits For The Attempt' Mats Gustafsson plays tenor and slide sax, weevil sax and electronics. In MCIAA's 'Everything Burns Like Cosmic Debris' the space brothers use astral and cosmic guitars, vocals, mouth harmonica, space toys and burning percussion.

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