• julie's haircut Our Secret Ceremony (double CD, £3.75)

    label: A Silent Place

    Our secret ceremony is the fifth album by Julie's Haircut. It features 15 tracks over 90 minutes worth of music. It's a step further in the evolution of the band's sound, which has become more open to the collective dimension, given the number of musicians that took part in the sessions and the ever-changing line-up of players during the recordings. Musically, the record lives on the osmosis of different styles and approaches, from pop to electronica, from psychedelia to experimentation, but still never lacking in coherence and unity. The first disc has a more classically orientated song structure, the second part has a looser feel, though an accurate distinction between musical forms is really impossibile and out of place: even those tracks with a more conventional structure suggest immersions into the deepness of sound and the long instrumental fugues always remain anchored to a solid harmonic and rhythmical structure. In a way, it's as if there are, throughout the entire album and in every single track, the two basic aspects of the creative process and, ultimately, of human existence, living side by side: light and shadow, consciousness and unconscienceness, reality and dream.

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