• mi ami Echononecho (12", £5.75)

    label: Quarterstick

    Mi Ami’s ‘Echononecho’ is an energy-intense exploration in space, anxiety, sexuality, repetition and percussion featuring ex-members of Dischord legends Black Eyes. The San Francisco based trio find their strength in restraint, while remaining enthrallingly chaotic. Mi Ami build on the promise of Black Eyes’ spastic energy and renowned live performances, but steer it into a more focused, volatile and personal direction. Mi Ami’s work starts at the foundation of dance music, deconstructing and rebuilding it, disassembling and reanimating it. The band’s relentless disco rhythms are an organic base that frees up everyone’s playing. Side A, the title track, is flush with yelping vocals, a wailing guitar and bubbling basslines. Shadowy noises are layered into the mix with plenty of echo and reverb to create a cosmic airspace. Side B, ‘Version’, is an exercise in subversion and editing. A remix of the title track, it is rapturously eerie, bending the already twisted frame of the A side, as the yelps of the original take on an even more galactic vastness amid a cavern of sound.

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