• yo la tengo May I Sing With Me (CD, £10.75)

    label: alias

    With song titles like "Mushroom Cloud of Hiss" and "Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)", May I Sing With Me is classic Yo La Tengo, merging pop and noise in an awesome aural display. Songs start with Ira Kaplan's repetitive (and very simple) chord changes, as Georgia Hubley and (at this juncture) regular bassist James McNew add layer after layer of supportive sound. On a noisier track like the aforementioned "Mushroom Cloud of Hiss", the song explodes in paroxysms of feedback and drops the rhythmic pulse altogether, eventually returning to the backbeat after a few minutes of white noise. That may not be everybody's cup of tea, but for those who like this type of adventurousness and recklessness, it's a lot of fun. Tracks : 1 Detouring America with Horns, 2 Upside-Down, 3 Mushroom Cloud of Hiss, 4 Swing for Life, 5 Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck), 6 Some Kinda Fatigue, 7 Always Something, 8 86-Second Blowout, 9 Out the Window, 10 Sleeping Pill, 11 Satellite

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