• cats on fire Draw In the Reins (5-track CD, £5.50)

    label: Fraction Discs

    When Fraction Discs first saw the Finnish quartet Cats On Fire enter the stage on a beautiful summer's day in Malmö in 2006, they realized in the blink of an eye that their music does not conform. A classic guitar pop ensemble, they carry on a tradition born in the English '80s indie scene, where beautifully chiselled chords and jangling guitars join lyrics that do not fear to tackle the important issues of our time. Vocalist and songwriter Mattias Björkas’ lyrics don’t attempt to flee seriousness, but at the same time they bring a refreshing sense of dark humour. Along with tunes that have the ability to stick in one's mind Cats On Fire represent that intelligent kind of pop music many, many people have been anxiously awaiting. 1. Draw In The Reins 2. Higher Grounds 3. The Smell Of An Artist 4. The Cold Hands Of Great Men 5. Never Land Here

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