• littl'ans Primitive World (CD, £9.95)

    label: 1234

    The Littl’ans “...finally release an LP which is already being touted as a breakout album of the year“ – Nylon. “Suprisingly delicate music for such a hard-living band” – NME. "We've been enraptured by the quartet for years, but have only now decided them a likely candidate for musical worldwide domination... [the] music is very easy to fall in love with. One note melts hearts..." – Anthem. “Littl'ans are a band built for survival; their progressive indie-pop has won them a legion of fans, a UK tour and their first studio album... a remarkably hip sounding psych-addled odyssey." – I-D. "Music journalists talk about the band as if they're the kind of earnest and talented indie pop band you hope to be friends with" – Zoozoom.Com.

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