• d 1 D 1 V 3 (double 12", £4.55)

    label: tempa

    It was at DMZ that Soulja first heard ’Ongie Bongie’. Several months later it becomes the the kick-off riddim for ’V3’, D1’s latest double-pack offering from Tempa. If musical genres were divided into Oceans then ’Ongie Bongie’ would be a submarine berthed between Dubstep and Funky waters. Sounding out the way ahead with the latest Sonar technology, ’Ongie Bongie’ begins at a cautious speed whilst familiarising itself with this new territory and then picks up pace with a funky propulsion that saw it light-up underwater dance, DMZ. Following on from the peak-time dancefloor energy of ’Ongie Bongie’, ’Joy’ swells progressively, in waves of euphoric chords pieced together with steadily stuttering congas. The second plate is headed by ’Cave’, a deeply, hollowed production, heavily sub-led and a current regular in Youngsta sets, whilst anchor track ’BG’ employs infectious, cascading bass-stabs, which envelop the accompanying trumpet to create the kind of skank out riddim which wouldn’t be out of place on a Jammin’ era Bingo Beats release. With cuts already being battered from the likes of Appleblim, Benga and Plastician, ’V3’ is the double pack in which D1 begins his mission to unite the houses of Dubstep and Funky. Tracklist: A>> Ongie Bongie B1>> Joy B2>> Risin’ C>> Cave D1>> Effect 10 D2>> BG

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