• q project Credit Crunch (12", £5.50)

    label: hospital

    Q Projectís first outing on Hospital since the "Renaissance Man" LP from 2006, and these beats are in no way sub-prime. With rising prices and markets crashing Q projectís fiscal bail out comes as welcome relief at a time of intense junglist hardship. Credit Crunch hits harder on the dancefloor than an angry Northern Rock shareholder. Crashing oldskool amens and a tonking sub reminiscent of an era when the economy was more buoyant. Every bust is followed by a boom - and on the flip side comes "Just 3 Things" which shows a much more optimistic forecast for growth. With a simple melody and honest, innocent rhythm track itís a back to basics sound which is sure to win over the hearts and minds of junglists worldwide. Featuring exclusive Credit Crunch cereal box artwork by Trickartt - this release will be highly collectable.

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