• attestupa Attestupa (LP, £17.95)

    label: Release the Bats

    There is a myth that elders in the old Sweden were thrown down from a big mountain or height when they no longer were of any use in the farms and households. That place was called Ättestupa. And that is the name of a new band from Gothenburg. Dealing with an old era of Sweden, this is music that reeks of plague, desolate countryside, heathen rituals and long, harsh, cold winters. The debut album is a journey back to a forgotten world, an anti-urban masterpiece. With members from Leafes and Sewer Election, it would be easy to write Ättestupa off as an mix of those two acts when it comes to the sound, but there is definitely way more to it than that. With traces of dark folk music, 70's German prog and even some small black metal hints, this is spirited stuff with a unique atmosphere. Slow and monotonous percussion, deeply buried vocals, crude electronics and droning guitars, tortured synths and flutes... extremely lo-fi and extremely bleak. Two tracks ('Tjälen' and 'Den Stora Sjukdomen') and a playtime of 40 minutes. 330 copies, all on black vinyl. 3 12" sized inserts included with each LP.

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