• pidgeon Might As Well Go Eat Worms (CD, £10.95)

    label: Absolutely Kosher

    San Francisco's Pidgeon (spelled in the Tagalog style), like their winged counterparts, are the ugly, pretty things of the modern underground. The band's first release, 2004's "From Gutter with Love", was praised by critics and brought the band a small but rock solid fanbase. Pitchfork gave it an 8.0 calling it "...[an] excellent marriage of boy/girl singing, shredded screaming, indie-pop, and blistering thrashcore." Four long years later, the San Francisco outfit return "Might as Well Go Eat Worms", an album which showcases the band's new lineup and undeniable maturation in sound. Pidgeon has since perfected upon their loud-quiet-loud signature form, finding balance between beauty and destruction. "California", the first single off the record, opens with rhythmic riffs and precision drumming before giving way to an onslaught of distorted, crunching, sludgy guitars offset by semi-sweet pop vocals. Throughout the record Micah Foley's (former member of Bay Area hardcore legends Used Naked Bloody) bone rattling screams are assuaged by Val Iwamasa's angelic voice (think Nina Persson of The Cardigans meets Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead). On "Might As Well Eat Worms" Pidgeon has shed all remaining sense of innocence and emerged leaner, stronger and ready to devour you whole.

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